Sweet Wrap Wax


Wax Protectant for Glossy Wrapped Surfaces


Sweet Wrap Wax is like a liquid carnauba, with the shine of a paste in one easy-to-use cream. Sweet Wrap Wax is a soft, golden wax that delivers a superior deep gloss and shine. It can be used on all gloss laminated wraps as well as Paint Protection Film to provide both a lustrous gloss and long-lasting protection. Sweet Wrap Wax contains detergent resistant polymer resins, for unsurpassed strength and durability making it simple to apply and remove while leaving a spectacular depth to gloss wrap finishes that last months not days. Sweet Wrap Wax is also safe for use on regular vehicle paint.

How to use:

Hand Application ONLY. Always wash the surface of the vehicle before applying. We recommend Auto Sauce Sweet Wrap Wash. Apply a thin coat working small 1-2 foot area at a time using quality cotton or microfiber cloth or applicator pad. On top panels, use front-to-back hand motions. On side panels, use up-and-down hand motions. This helps improve reflectivity. Heavy rubbing is not necessary. Allow several minutes to haze and wipe off using clean, quality cotton or microfiber towel to buff off and reveal the hidden beauty, shine, and gloss of your paint or wrap.