Sweet Wrap Wash


Car Wash Soap for Gloss Wrapped Vehicles


The Sweet Wrap Wash works specifically to remove grime, build-up, and dirt on your wrapped vehicle through the use of premium super polymers and foaming bubbles. Sweet Wrap Wash is the perfect choice for your weekly maintenance wash. Other wash products are often too strong and can possibly break down the lamination of the film. SweetWrap Wash is gentle and surfaces safe, so it can clean any area of your vehicle from wheels to your wrap and even paintwork. The PH balanced formula even allows you to wash your car or truck in direct sunlight. Sweet Wrap Wash rinses clean every time with no residue for a clean surface that will grab attention.

How to use

Extremely concentrated. 1 cap full mixes with 5 gallons of water for a superior wash. Always wash the vehicle when the surface is cool. Rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose grit and surface dirt. Wash from the top down and rinse the car often. Lather, rinse, repeat if necessary. Do not allow the soapy water to dry onto vinyl, clear bra or paint. A final rinse to ensure all contaminants have been washed off is highly recommended.