Spicy Orange Shine


Ultimate Detailing Spray for Painted Vehicle Surfaces


Spicy Orange Shine is the world’s most versatile detailing product. Spicy Orange Shine protects virtually any exterior surface while adding a high gloss shine. Paintwork can be cleaned and protected in one easy step. The best part is, it also works on glass and plastic. Even textured plastic can be restored back to the original OEM appearance. Glass is often one of the most challenging parts of a vehicle to detail. Spicy Orange Shine allows you to clean and protect your glass against sun staining and water spots. Now your glass can finally be perfect! Virtually every exterior part of your vehicle can be detailed with Spicy Orange Shine. Paintwork, plastics, exhausts, wheels, glass, and headlights can all be cleaned and protected using this advanced product. Spicy Showtime Shine will change the way you detail your car, truck, boat, RV or motorcycle forever.

How to use

Apply a few sprays of Spicy Orange Shine to a microfiber cloth or directly to the surface of the vehicle. Gently remove dirt and debris. Buff the surface with a microfiber to magnify the beauty and clarity of your vehicle.