Nana’s Leather Cleaner


Leather and Vinyl Cleaning Spray


Leather is absolutely stunning when it’s treated and cared for properly! One of the most important factors in caring for fine leather is cleaning and conditioning. Many neglected or mistreated leather is often dried, aged, and cracked. All of this can be avoided if you have your Nana’s TLC (Tender Loving Care). Nana’s Leather Cleaner is strong enough to take on the toughest job while being gentle enough to prevent any damage. Always follow up with Nana’s Leather Marinade for proper reconditioning.

How to Use

We recommend that you use 2 microfiber cloths for this process, it is best to use light-colored cloths. Apply Nana’s Leather Cleaner in a cool shaded area. Shake well and spray Nana’s Leather Cleaner onto your microfiber cloth. Gently wipe down the leather using a circular motion. Using your second microfiber cloth, wipe away the dirt and grime.