Deluxe Matte Wrap Care Kit


Kit Consists of 1 Matte Mango Spray, 1 Matte Bubble Wash, 1 Blue Berry Microfiber, 1 Grey Dry Towel, 1 Fuzzy Wash Mitt


Kit Consists of 1 16oz. Matte Mango Bubble Wash, 1 16oz. Matte Mango Spray Sauce, 1 Blueberry Microfiber, 1 Grey Dry Towel, 1 Lime Slice Wash Mitt. Wash your Satin or Matte Wrapped Vehicle with Matte Mango Bubble Wash and a Lime Slice Wash Mitt. Dry it off with our Grey Dry Towel. Follow up in between washes and touch up areas with our Matte Mango Spray Sauce and a Blueberry Microfiber.