Ceramic Wrap Sauce Kit



Ceramic Coating for vehicle wraps. There’s no better way to protect your wrap, increase the longevity of your wrap, and reduce your time maintaining your wrap. Our Ceramic Wrap Sauce has been engineered specially for all vinyl wrap finishes, including matte, satin, gloss and even PPF (Paint Protection Film). Hydropobic SiO2 properties will have water beading off the finish, extending the time between washes.  1 application can last up to 3 years. Easy to apply, and will leave a clean, smooth finish to any wrap. Our Kit comes with 1 60ml (2oz.) bottle of Ceramic Wrap Sauce, 1 Applicator Sponge, 1 Applicator Cloth, 1 8oz. bottle of Post-Application Ceramic Booster, and Detailed Instructions. 1 Kit is enough for most vehicles (up to mid-sized SUV). Larger SUVs may need 2 kits.




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