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Greetings and warm welcome to Auto Sauce!

Auto Sauce was designed for the automotive enthusiast that loves to keep their vehicle clean. With over 20 years of experience detailing everything from boats, cars, SUVs, jewelry and even handbags, the necessity to be clean came apparent in Auto Sauce’s founder, Jeff Sharell. Jeff started his first detailing business at the age of 17 and continued to detail his way through his college years. During this time, he also built numerous award winning show cars that graced the pages of LowRider, Mini Truckin’, Sport Compact Car, and Super Street magazines. While he was meticulously detailing cars, he noticed how some products reacted in different situations. He started mixing his own configurations and finding more efficient cleaning solutions for everything from the simple everyday tasks, to the stains found on paint and carpets. He continues to develop new products and cleaner solutions to the dirty problems life throws at him.

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Auto Sauce is here to help you detail your vehicles.



Email: sales@autosauce.net